Dreams of home

By Ella (Corbett) MacPherson – Aldergrove, B.C. My old hometown of Maryfield, Sask., had a celebration in July (2012) and I wished I could have been there, but few people [continue…]


Saved her from embarrassment

By Celine (Marginet) Lebeau – Holland, Man. I started school in Holland in south-central Manitoba, travelling by bus. I recall leaving one day for the noon break to visit a friend [continue…]


@ Avonlea centennial

Dale and Amy Burrill of Carbon, Alta., Vivian Wakelam of Nanton, Alta., and Barry Burrill of Buchanan, Sask., at the centennial celebration of Avonlea, Sask. in June 2012.


Younger boy kissed her cheek

By Rita Bowey – Senlac, Sask. I attended Haultain School south of Saskatoon, Sask., where my first teacher was Miss Anderson. She really believed in us kids getting our arithmetic [continue…]


Pinned underneath wagon

By Nadine Beitel – Campbell River, B.C. In the fall of 1933, I was seven years old. My eight-year-old brother, Ward, and I were attending Irondale School which was south of [continue…]


Queen Mary school memories

By Bette Banks – Sutton West, Ont. Our Grade 8 class of Queen Mary Public School in Prince Albert, Sask. were on our annual picnic. We had all biked across the [continue…]

Photo Memories

Hockey season, 1947

Hockey season in 1947 at Lintlaw, Sask. These kids were headed on an exciting train ride of six miles for a game against Okla, Sk. Front left: Shirley Evans; Morley [continue…]

Letters from Readers

Reunited with twin pen pal!

Hello Readers: When I was a teenager, I corresponded with a twin pen pal, but as I grew older and got married, our correspondence fell by the wayside. Two years [continue…]

Letters from Readers

Remember a slower-paced world?

Hi Everybody: My parents started their farming career on the Elmer farm 4-1⁄2 miles east of Viceroy, Sask. in a T. Eaton package home, #55, in the fall of 1925. [continue…]


Photographic memories

Get a load of this tractor in the box of a truck from 1938! Can anyone identify the make and model of the motorcycle? The photo was taken in Hittendal, [continue…]


Pompy found the way home

By E. Isabelle Hamphill – Weyburn, Sask. When I was about 13, one of my brothers was sick with pneumonia. My parents sent me to the neighbour’s to get a hot [continue…]


Memorable family vacation

By Mildred Balzer – Saskatoon, Sask. For our 25th wedding anniversary, my husband and I decided we would give ourselves and our family a treat, so on July 14, 1972 we [continue…]


Aged Fruitcake

By Yvonne (Craeyveldt) DeBruyne – Radville, Sask. Last spring I decided to put my name in to move into a low rental apartment in Radville and sell my big house [continue…]