The Senior Paper is a Canadian publication filled with upbeat stories written by seniors, for seniors. Published 11 times each year, it is only available by subscription. Every issue is a wonderful stroll down memory lane!

We are nostalgia-focused, rather than current events, and invite seniors from across Canada to write and share precious moments from their own lives. Their stories are interesting, relatable, and highly enjoyable, without the negativity and divisiveness found in much of today’s news media.

Readers who prefer the experience of reading a physical print publication will love our popular Print Edition. Those who want a paperless option can subscribe to our Digital Edition and enjoy it on computer, tablet, and smartphone.

“Thank you for The Senior Paper! There are so many wonderful memories in every issue.”

These words from one of our subscribers perfectly describes what The Senior Paper is all about: wonderful memories in every issue!

Within the pages of The Senior Paper, lives a community of seniors from across Canada. They share, connect, and reconnect with each other, often decades after losing touch. We even played a small role in helping some long-lost lovebirds reunite and marry after over 60 years apart! See their incredible story here on Global News.

Everyone has a great story to tell

Each one of us lives a life filled with special moments that touch us in a meaningful way. When we gather with friends and family, we recount these moments and share our precious memories, forging deeper connections with others. The Senior Paper celebrates these memories. We believe everyone has a great story to tell and we’re proud to give folks the platform to share their cherished memories with others.

Real people sharing their real stories

“The Senior Paper records cultural history as seen and experienced by people who lived the time, events and activities.”

Packed into every issue of The Senior Paper is a treasure trove of information and rich history. The good, bad, highs, and lows of life are presented unvarnished by the people who experienced them, and are wrapped around treasured photographic memories of past and present day.

Canadians of all ages have told us they enjoy reading The Senior Paper because it isn’t filled with the negativity of today’s media. Instead, the stories are enjoyable and relatable across the generations.

The Senior Paper also serves as a bridge between the generations. People have learned about their parents and grandparents from our paper. Several elementary schools across Canada subscribe as well. They’ve found The Senior Paper is a resource-filled tool for teaching kids today about days now past.