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Advertising FAQs

The Senior Paper publishes 11 issues per year. Publishing day is the first Monday of every month except August.

Print Edition issues are always mailed the week prior to publishing day and can take 3-9 business days to arrive by Canada Post mail.

Publishing day is the first Monday of every month, except August.

Print Edition copies are mailed on the Wednesday prior to the first Monday of each month. Depending on where you live in Canada, it can take anywhere between 3-9 business days for the paper to be delivered. If you copy has not arrived by the 15th of the month, please contact us and we will send a replacement copy.

Because our publishing space is limited, we do not accept media releases, news releases, news promos, or public service announcements for publishing.

If you believe our audience would benefit from your media information, please get in touch with our advertising department to discuss marketing options.

The Senior Paper is a paid-subscription, consumer publication distributed for the first Monday of the month, 11 times per year.

Over 95% of our readership is in western Canada and each issue reaches over 56,000 households in 2,000 communities in Canada. Each issue is read by over 148,000 people age 65+.

Our engaged online media presence can reach almost 40,000 page views per month and we have over 77,000 Facebook followers.

Complimentary or supplemental editorial space is not included with advertising. Content that is promotional in nature is considered sponsored content and applicable advertising rates apply.

We are happy to extend a special discount on advertising rates for charities and non-profit groups. Please contact us for additional information if you have an awareness campaign or advertisement for a non-profit group and would like to reach our audience.

We publish one issue of our publication each month. It is published for all subscribers and it is not possible to geographically target (geotarget) only certain regions with publication advertising.

We offer Sponsored Content online distributed via social media for clients who wish to use our brand to geotarget specific locations. Please contact us if you would like more information.

We do not accept inserts in the publication.

We prefer all advertising be supplied print-ready, however, we have graphic designers who can assist with design and production. Additional production charges may apply for any production done by The Senior Paper.

Our advertising rates are competatively priced based on circulation and distribution of our publication and online audience. We are please to offer discounts* for multi-issue or mutli-platform orders, non-profit organisations, and non-commerical subscribers. Please contact us for more information.

*Terms and conditions apply.