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    Bread and ‘bun’ in ovens

    By John Jackson – Strathmore, Alta. Our family farm was located eight miles northwest of Grande Prairie, Alta. Uncle Bob’s family was also near Grande Prairie. It was early July 1941, and very hot. My mother [continue...]
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    ‘Rolly’ pony was such a tease

    By Donna (Geer) Stover – Saskatoon, Sask. When I was eight, growing up on a farm not far from Killarney, Man., my parents bought me a little brown, Shetland pony. They bought him at Rolla, North [continue...]
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    Did tea leaves predict her future?

    By Ina Schoonover – Ridgedale, Sask. We had our baby in mid-April 1955, and a few weeks later we visited our friends, Geraldine and Russell. After supper the men retired to the living room. As [continue...]
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    Principal gets shiner

    By Byrnece (Stally) Palsson – Victoria, B.C. I was born in 1921 and grew up in Ruddell in northwest Saskatchewan. Mr. Garnet May was the school principal and he taught two of the senior girls, Ivy Moore [continue...]
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    Dozing chap woke up going where?!

    By John Moyles – Regina, Sask. Air travel in the ‘50s was much different than it is today. The aircraft were smaller, passenger numbers were less, and there was still a feeling of adventure and novelty [continue...]

Sketched Memories

Words of wisdom

  • A teenage boy was telling his grandma how ‘everything’ is going wrong in his life lately – school, family problems, health problems, peer pressure, etc. There was much stress and anxiety in the troubled young [continue...]

Songs of Yesteryear

How Poetic

Big City

By Donald Tataryn – Scarborough, Ont. From a tiny country village to a city like you from a life that’s been lonely to the excitement of you then along came [continue…]

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Black Bean Brownies

1 15-1⁄2 ounce can black beans 4 eggs 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp vanilla extract 3⁄4 cup sugar 3 heaping tbsp cocoa 1 tsp baking powder 1⁄4 tsp salt [continue…]

The Lighter Side

  • A tourist has been traveling in the European countryside and decides to book himself into a grand old castle that had been converted into a hotel. Once he enters the hotel, he has the creepiest feeling come over him. He asked the lady a reception if [continue...]

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