Our local ambassador’s purr-fect parade

By Carolyn Kosowan – Creston, B.C. (click here to listen to this article) Fergie the cat lives in our neighbourhood with his family. There is mom, dad, and kids, Isabella, Jefferson and Zoey. Lately, he [more…]


What happened next ‘shocked’ him!

By J.R. Klassen – Regina, Sask. In the late 1940s in my hometown of Aberdeen, Sask., about 25 miles (40 km) northeast of Saskatoon, it was a hot summer’s day. The annual Sports Day was in [more…]

WWII shoehorn finds its way home

By Barb Gonie – Pierceland, Sask. The cold wind howled at the window and I decided to work indoors as the hall closet needed cleaning. I pulled a dusty shoebox from the top shelf and [more...]

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How Poetic – Original Poetry

How Poetic

Soldier To Veteran

By Wesley Sliwka – Trossachs, Sask. With precision steps to the beat of drums Their polished boots keep marching on Chests filled with pride, hearts full of love For their people and our native land. In [more…]

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