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Eggs sold for 10¢ / dozen; Calves for 50¢

By Clifford Scott – White Rock, B.C. I was born in the 1920s and growing up in the Dirty ‘30s, there was no rain for the crops and garden. My brother and I had the job of hauling three barrels of water on the stone boat. At that time chicken eggs were selling for 10¢ a [continue...]

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Coal mine catastrophe

By Clifford Scott – White Rock, B.C. In 1949-1950 I worked at the ABC Coal Mine in Drumheller, Alta. They had about 100 men working in the mine. They had a [continue…]

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Elevators at Lacombe

All that’s left is the memories of the elevators at Lacombe, Alta. This photo was taken a few days before they were torn down. Photo submitted by Cliff Swarbrick of [continue…]

The Lighter Side

  • Dear Helena: Hi, Hawaii! I’ve been Suffern from a vague Malaysia from all this Russian around. I’m weak Indonesia and Congo on much longer. Otherwise, Havana good time. Alaska doctor about [continue...]


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