Queen Mary school memories

From our February 2013 issue

By Bette Banks – Sutton West, Ont.

Our Grade 8 class of Queen Mary Public School in Prince Albert, Sask. were on our annual picnic. We had all biked across the North Saskatchewan River to the ‘plains’ area for a baseball game.

The boys in the class were on the ball diamond at the time the photo was taken. I recognize but cannot name the girls. The school principal is H.A. Loucks. My name then was Bette Walton.

The second photo is from 1946. The boys were a year older and the team was called ‘The Queen Mary Midgets’. Unfortunately, it was trimmed so some of the names are shaved off.

Some of the names are Federenko; Charlie Dent; Jon Mullins; Peter Rosa; Chritchley; George Corvic (editor P.A. Herald); and Owen Mackie … ?

Grade 8 class (top) of 1947 from Queen Mary Public School in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Bette is in the front row, bottom right chewing grass. Bottom photo is ‘The Queen Mary Midgets’ team in 1946.