The Winter of ’10 and ’11

from our February 2013 issue

By Stan Pederson – Cabri, Sask.

It snowed a lot all winter
We never had a thaw
The wind was always at its worst
I wish I had a spa.

The wind was always howling
The snow kept falling down
The streets were always slippery
We had a very icy town.

The work crews piled snow here and there
The drifts were getting deep
We couldn’t walk our usual path
We picked our way down every street.

The weatherman was quite confused
He’d report a thaw some nights
But they always had to change it
They just didn’t get it right.

The snow kept getting deeper
Across the countryside
The roads were cleaned off every week
I’m sure old Waldo died.

Now, we’ve had our share of winter
We’ve worn sweaters and underwear
We’d like to get out our summer clothes
And some other kinds of summer wear.