Trap snap caught him…twice!

From our January 2023 issue

By Don Morse – Calgary, Alta.

We are sometimes troubled with mice in our attached garage. I have been successful at keeping them under control by setting traps baited with fresh cheese.

The best place to put traps is against a wall and under anything that keeps it out of sight. While carefully sliding a trap far back under the bottom stair of the three stairs leading up to our kitchen, the trap went off with a loud snap.

I instinctively, instantly jerked my hand back and accidentally banged the back of my hand on the very sharp bottom corner of the step.

This cut a large gash in the back of my right hand, which bled profusely. I rushed up into the house, cleaned the wound and bandaged it up. I then had to go back and reset the trap and put it back under the stair.

Neighbours, grandson added their two cents

With my right hand bandaged and dripping blood, I had to use my left hand. As I was carefully sliding the trap farther back under the stair, the trap went off again, and of course, I jerked my hand back and slammed it into the same sharp spot on the stair.

This time it cut a bigger and deeper gash in the back of my left hand. Now I had both hands bandaged up – blood soaking through the bandages.

Infection set into my left hand, and my arm swelled up halfway to my elbow. Some neighbours accused me of being a slow learner. My grandson said I was lucky I was not an octopus. Then he told me I was lucky I didn’t go to the doctor with my first injured hand, only to have to go back a half-hour later for my second hand.

After six trips to the doctor to get the dressings changed, 10 days of antibiotics, and three weeks of trying to shower with rubber gloves on my hands, the doctor said I could change the dressings myself and I didn’t need to come back.

I now have six traps set but haven’t caught a single mouse. On a quiet night, I think I can hear the mice snickering.

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