Miracles happen because of Senior Paper

From our April 2012 issue

Hello Fellow Readers:

This is my Grade 2 class photo at King Edward School in Moose Jaw, class of 1947-48. Our teacher was Miss I. Haigh.

I’m in the front row, second from the left, with a black bow on my dress. The only friends I remember are Diane McKay and Carol Berry. If you recognize yourself in the photo, it would be wonderful to hear from you.

Because of The Senior Paper, miracles do happen. My Christmas story was printed in the December 2011 issue and each of my five children received a copy.

Sadly, my eldest and youngest sons have distanced themselves from me for eight years, but upon reading my story, my eldest son and grandson contacted and visited me.

My deepest gratitude and thanks to The Senior Paper. It’s a blessing and joy to read this paper and a double blessing for the miracles received because of the work you do.

–Carol Graychik, Mariposa, California