My beautiful Canadian Christmases

From our DEC 2011 issue

By Carol Graychik – Mariposa, CA, USA

Where do I go for Christmas? It’s far off to another land – another country – to the silence and beauty of the moonlight on new-fallen snow with zillions of stars sparkling above me.

Hearing the snow crunch under my feet, I walk along holding my dad’s hand, feeling safe, as I savour the smell of fresh air. I dream about filled stockings, presents and Santa Claus, and look forward to mamma’s fresh-baked cookies upon returning to the warmth and sweet aroma of her kitchen.

I remember my younger brother struggling as he dragged home a very tall tree he proudly earned working at the tree lot. The tree was even taller than our high-ceiling living room in our large two-storey house.

The laughter and joy we eight members felt as we decorated the tree together. The love we shared with hugs and friendship for one another and passersby. The smiles extended playing games, ice skating, skiing, and tobogganing.

What fun and excitement in waking parents, grandparents, and each other early Christmas morning to open and share gifts.

Then to coming home from church and salivating as we smelled our delicious dinner and waited to be served. It was the togetherness of being in this beautiful, wonderful home and country.

Where was this lovely place? Where do all these happy memories come from? This most beautiful of all Christmases I spend every year in my memories of my homeland of Canada.

For this I am blessed, as it was not to be again upon arriving in southern California. These are the Christmas memories I treasure. O Canada, my Canada!

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