Drove Massey 44 over 1200 km for move

From our April 2012 issue

By Paul Coon – Beaumont, Alta.

A Massey ‘44’ tractor was purchased by Art Minor who farmed in the Florence district of southeast Saskatchewan from 1936 to 1953.

In 1953, at age 64, Art and his wife Fern made a move from their farm to Sundre, Alta. where some of their children were already settled. Art wasn’t sure how to get his tractor to Sundre so someone suggested he drive it there.

He liked a challenge so he loaded up a farm wagon/trailer with goods and machinery, and headed out on a 1,280 km trip that took four days. There was lots of wind, rain, snow and road bans to contend with.

At one point he came to a steep hill and to save fuel he shifted the transmission into neutral position to coast down the hill.

The tractor/trailer gained so much speed that Art had to pull out and pass another vehicle going down the hill. There’s no doubt he got the attention of the other driver as he overtook him!

Art had to coast to a stop going up the other side and engage the transmission again. The brakes on the tractor became very hot when attempting to slow the speed.

Mr. Minor gave the tractor to his son, Claude, who used it for farming west of Sundre until it was donated to the Sundre Museum where it found its last resting place. The old tractor still appears to be in good condition.