Each spring brings a new blossom of wildflowers near the ditch along the highway a woman travels on to work.

One year, a particular blue flower caught her eye. It bloomed only in the morning hours, as the afternoon sun was too warm for it. Every day for weeks, she saw this beautiful flower on her daily commute and it brought her joy.

One spring, she started her own wildflower garden in her yard. She would look out of the kitchen window see the flowers and she’d often thought that those lovely blue flowers from the ditch would look great in that bed alongside other wildflowers.

Each day she drove past the flowers thinking: “I’ll stop on my way home and dig them” but, for whatever the reason, she never stopped.

One day on her way home from work, she was saddened to see the ditch had been mowed and the pretty blue flowers were all gone. While she regretted not stopping to dig a flower for herself, she was grateful for the many times she got to see the pretty flowers.

She was then reminded not to take things for granted, for they may not always be there in the future. This is true for all things in life – from flowers, to family and friends.