Ladies’ social club serves community

From our January 2014 issue

By Marge HewittCowley, Alta.

The Livingstone Ladies’ Social Club celebrated 100 years in June 2013. The club was formed in 1913 with 14 members travelling by horse and buggy. We’ve had over 100 members through the years.

The club aided the Red Cross during WWI and WWII and now donates to cancer research, the blind, STARS Search and Rescue, and the Red Cross, when funds are available.

We do yearly clean-ups at the cemetery, catering, and funerals. We also have summer picnics, and make handmade quilts to be drawn for by members at the end of the year at our Christmas party.

We purchased and erected school signs and light beacons for use by STARS.

Our oldest member, Karen Poulsen, has been a member for 91 years. Three other members, Virginia Delinte, Shirley Mowat, and I have been members for 55 years.

Livingstone Ladies’ Social Club. Back: Susan Klaiman; Pauline Simard; Laura Guiboche; Shirley Scotton. Middle: Hazel Larson; Shelley Maloff; Marilyn Maufort; Lynn Bell; Theresa Agar; Nanay Labbe; Theresa Munch; Betty Dionne; Linda Dwyer; Jo-Anne Elliott; Carolyn Smyth. Front: Marge Hewitt; Karen Poulsen; Virginia Delinte; Monica Burles; Shirley Mowat; Karen Lyons; Rachael Dwyer; Carol Getzlaf.