Photo Memories

Alberta prairie life from the 1920s

“Canadian Gothic” photo depiction of a Scottish immigrant couple in the mid-1920s on parched prairie land somewhere east of the towns of Woodhouse and Claresholm in Alberta. They are my Aunt Nan and Uncle Bob [read more…]


Dandy Dancers!

Dancers Deidre Drews, Karen Francis, Lia Huszi-Kelln, and Samantha Knaus, all of Regina, Sask., in their traditional German dress costume during a dance demonstration for Regina’s annual Mosaic cultural festival.


Picturing those who served

Members of the Royal Canadian Legion and Ladies Auxiliary smile and wave to the crowds gathered along the street for a hometown parade in Melfort, Saskatchewan.


Remember Riding the Rails?

Train trips from the prairies used to start from a railway station like this one at Radville in south-central Saskatchewan. Though now silent, you can almost hear the ‘chugga-chugga’ of the train pulling away from [read more…]


Fabulous Fair Felines

Youngsters Luke Stilborn of Lemberg, Sask.; Mary Cleggett of Balcarres, Sask.; Paige Ruecker of  Abernethy, Sask., and Aimee Derkach, also of Balcarres, with their prize-winning cats at the Abernethy town fair.


Loafing About!

Sophie Karpish of Prince Albert, Sask., holds loaf of bread straight from a clay oven at her city’s annual exhibition. Is there anything that beats the smell of baking bread?


Parked Projectors

Peter Susa of Regina examines old movie projectors at Ogema, Saskatchewan’s heritage village. Do you remember crowding into movie theatres on long summer nights to watch the latest ‘flick’?


Dot dot dash, dash dot dash do

Young Liam Noble of Saskatoon, Sask., learns Morse code from retired telegrapher Henry Fulmes, also of Saskatoon, at the Western Development Museum’s annual Pion-Era event.


Fair-weather Fairgoers

Audrey Madsen and Olga Chuey of Prince Albert, Sask. enjoyed seeing the horses in show ring on a beautiful sunny day. Summer fairs and local exhibitions are always a fun time for many seniors.


Show and Shrine!

Antique fire trucks and Shriners are always a popular sight in summertime parades. This truck belongs to the Brandon & District Shrine Club.