‘I heard my ankle crack’

From our March 2012 issue

By Dorothy (Corey) Nichol-Hack – Oliver, B.C.

I will remember my 13th birthday forever. My mom bought me a pair of secondhand figure skates.

I and the three neighbour boys and my brother were skating on our pond behind the barn. I was showing off my new skates and as I skated down to the end of the pond I had to make a quick turn.

As I did so my right skate with its ‘jigsaw’ blades caught into my left foot skate and I fell. I heard my ankle crack. I called for my brother to take my skate off because I could feel the swelling immediately.

He untied the skate and then ran and got dad who picked me up and took me back to the house. In so doing, I hit my broken ankle on the door casing. What pain!

After dad laid me down on the couch, mother asked him to drive to town and get the ‘new’ doctor.

Dr. Epp came in his own car, and asked if we had some splints. My dad made some from an apple box. Splints were applied and the doctor then took me into Lethbridge where he put a proper cast on my leg.

The next day was my 13th birthday party.

My mother had invited all my girlfriends to come after school to our place. We didn’t have a phone so we couldn’t cancel due to my broken ankle. Anyway, what a party!

The guests arrived and I was in the living room on the Winnipeg couch. My friends were entertained by mother, dad, and my brother – who had everyone laughing and having a wonderful time.

Then came time for the birthday cake which, in those days, usually contained those wonderful little fortune objects and also one dime. Every piece was always an anxious moment.

Mother had put the cake on a low shelf in the back porch out of sight. When she went out to get it, our dog had seen it first. What a treat for him!

Mother was undaunted. Being Dec. 18, she had her Christmas cakes already baked, so she took one as a substitute and all were delighted!

My best friend and I are both in our 90-plus years now and still enjoying our lives and families.

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