Fascinated and amused by lovely decor

From our March 2013 issue

By Sylvia Williams – Summerland, B.C.

There were many homesteaders from Europe living in eastern Alberta.

When they left their homes in the old country, they probably didn’t realize that living in a rural area in Canada would be very different.

One couple who came, I think, from Scotland seemed determined to have the same type of home they left, so they brought all of their beautiful furnishings, fine china, and silverware.

As well, they had built a very nice house much more extravagant than the average homesteads. It was situated north of Ashmont, Alta.

My parents befriended a number of these people who found life very lonely and strange.
One time my mother took me and my sister to visit Mrs. Keilor.

We were fascinated and also a bit amused by the lovely decor in that two-storey house.

Mrs. Keilor had a dumbwaiter installed so she cooked our lunch in the kitchen area on the main floor.

She then quickly came up the stairs and, while removing her apron, opened a door and there was our food on the dumbwaiter. We were amazed!

Mrs. Keilor and mother became good friends and when we moved away from that area she gave mother a complete set of dishes.

There were 18 plates all painted with a different flower. I still have seven of them. Recollections of Mrs. Keilor and her generosity and kindness I cannot forget.

Two of the unique plates given as a gift.