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From our October 2012 issue

From Dorothy McLeod – Saskatoon, Sask.

After my story “Harrowing trip sadly ended in tragedy” appeared in the in June 2012 issue of The Senior Paper, I had calls from Brandon, Man., Westbank and Kelowna, B.C.

I was especially delighted to receive a phone call with a male voice asking, “Are you Dorothy McLeod, the Haweater?”

My response was, “Yes and who on earth are you?” I knew, of course. We had a connection to Manitoulin Island. The caller was Lorne Falls, a student of mine in 1943-44.

His father, Marvin, was one of the men in charge of the journey and also the owner of the team of horses, Jim and Pete, that were lost in the icy water. To lose Jim was a great loss – as that was Marvin’s livelihood.

Lorne and his wife Kay came to visit the next Sunday. This fine ‘young’ man was the dear little red-headed boy who had indeed been my student 68 years ago. When they arrived, I was greeted with “Miss Blackburn (my maiden name) I brought an apple for my teacher,” and was presented with the most beautiful big red apple you ever did see! Oh, my!

That wasn’t all. I also received a beautiful bouquet of pink carnations (my very favourite). Thank you Lorne! I had my album out and Lorne and Kay had brought more pictures so there was lots of reminiscing, laughter, and stories going on and will continue!

Editor’s note: We routinely hear from subscribers who tell us they’ve found long-lost friends and family through the stories and letters published in The Senior Paper.


Cockburn Island, Scotch Block School, class of 1943-44. Front left: Dick Jones, Sally Goodmurphy. Second row: Catherine Falls, Lorne Falls. Third: Thelma Falls, Harold Falls, Bobbie Jones. Back: Dorothy Falls, Alice Jones. Of these children only 4 are surviving.


Lorne presents Dorothy (Blackburn) McLeod, with a bouquet of carnations.