Advertising Policies & FAQs

Advertising Policies & FAQs

All advertising appearing in The Senior Paper print and digitial issues is subject to approval prior to publishing by The Senior Paper. We reserve the right to reject any advertising that we deem to be inappropriate for publishing. This may include, but is not limited to, the quality and/or content of the advertisement.

Advertising submitted by third-party (agencies, ad representative, etc.) must be approved by clients prior to publishing. We reserve the right to refuse material that has not been approved by clients and we accept no liability for advertisements published that may contains errors.

Payment is due at time of booking for all advertising. Payment must be received by our office no later that 5:00 PM on the 15th day of the month prior to publishing and payment can be made through our website. Terms and Conditions of use below are subject to change without notice.

By booking and/or paying for advertising with The Senior Paper, you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. All advertising must be approved for publishing by The Senior Paper prior to publishing. We reserve the right to refuse any advertising that we deem inappropriate and/or unacceptable for publishing, in our sole discretion. This may include (but is not limited to) message, content, and/or quality, and advertising that we believe may be misrepresentative, misleading, or in any way injurious (physical, emotionally, spiritually, financially or otherwise) to our readers, or The Senior Paper name and/or brand.

2. Submitting an advertisement and/or payment electronically to The Senior Paper does not guarantee publishing. Ads submitted and/or paid electronically still require approval prior to publishing.

3. We do not accept the following for advertising consideration: Classified Ads; Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or similar ads; adult services ads; companionship/relationship ads; ads that may require entry into a reader's home.

4. Advertisements not approved for publishing by The Senior Paper will receive notification with the following message: 'Your advertisement does not meet the minimum publishing requirements and/or standards and has been declined at the discretion of The Senior Paper.' Any payment made for advertising will be refunded.

5. Unless notified otherwise by The Senior Paper, the deadline for booking advertising is the 10th day of each month prior to the next issue, (e.g., March 10th for APR issue).

6. Payment must be received for all advertising prior to publishing. Unpaid advertisements may not be published.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Senior Paper publishes 11 issues per year. Publishing day is the first Monday of each month except August. Print edition issues are mailed to subscribers the week prior to publishing day.
The print edition is distributed by paid circulation to subscribers across Canada each month. Over 95% of our readership is in western Canada and more than 70%* of subscribers share their subscription copies. Print issues are shared with an average of 2.7* household per copy mailed, with an average of 6.84* readers per print copy mailed, giving an average readership of over 130,000* per issue. *2020 subscriber survey.
We understand some publications may give free editorial space to accompany advertising sales, however, space in The Senior Paper is limited and always at a premium. Because of this, we do not provide complimentary editorial space with any advertising purchases. All editorial space that is promotional in nature is considered advertising-editorial (advertorial) and regular display advertising rates apply.
We do not accept media releases for publication. Our print space is limited and is always in high demand by our own editorial content. If you believe our readers may benefit from your media release, please contact us and we can discuss advertision options.
Unfortunately, we do not. Print space in The Senior Paper is limited. We offer a special discount on display advertising rates for charities and non-profit groups. Please contact us for further information if you have an awareness or non-profit ad and would like to have reach our readers.
We only publish one edition each month for all readers. Our print issues are sent to all subscribers in all locations, so it is not possible to target only certain areas.
We prefer advertising be delivered by print-ready PDF, however, we have graphic designers that can help with advertising production. Additional production charges may apply for any production done by The Senior Paper.
We certainly do! Our advertising rates are already competatively priced based on the circulation and distribution of our publication and we also offer additional discounts* for multiple issue advertisements, for non-profit organisations, and non-commerical subscribers. Please contact us for more information. *Terms and conditions may apply.
For more information on advertising options and services, or to advertise with us, please contact us.