Winning was big surprise

From our April 2012 issue

It was a big surprise when I received your one-year free subscription for submitting names of potential subscribers. I read The Senior Paper carefully every month. My memory is very good at 80 years old.

All of us who grew up in those hard, dry Depression years want to bring out the good days we had. I would never trade my gooseberry-rhubarb-sorrel super food days for today’s fast food outlets!

We always carried hundreds of pails of good, chemical-free water to satisfy the thirst of all our garden plants in the garden. Our dug well had endless water for horses, cattle, hogs, etc. plus for the household and mother’s garden.

My father held a willow crutch in his hands and found water for any farmer in those very dry years. He did so on a new yard west of Hague, Sask., in 1937.

Here I grew until age 15, when dad finally decided to leave our 800-acre farm and move to Sunny Acres west of Winkler, Man. I farmed and was in big business as well.

–Menno Fast, Winkler, Man.