‘If I can do it – anyone can!’

From our April 2012 issue

My motto in life is: “If I can’t make someone laugh – I feel my day is wasted!”

Shortly after I submitted my first-ever story to The Senior Paper, I received a letter from the editors stating that I was chosen a winner in their monthly Story Contest.

No, I didn’t win a car, or a boat, or a TV, or a trip around the world. But I was thrilled when I saw the Happy Face Pen as my prize. I laughed with joy! The editors must have the same motto as I have.

I guess I missed that day in school when they taught spelling. I am the world’s worst speller – bar none.

When I handed my work in at school it came back with lots of red ink under my spelling. I thought the teacher just liked my choice of words – and when I got an ‘F’ I thought it meant ‘Fine’. Later on I found out this was not so.

When I learned the real truth I just hated writing stories or letters as I needed a dictionary at my side all the time. Then, lo and behold, along came the computer.

It has a little guy in there who also puts a lot of red lines under my words, but not like my teacher. Instead, he shows me how he thinks it should be spelled or even gives me a choice of words he thinks I can use. This is really neat, just a little click, and the red line is gone.

If I’d had one of those computers in school I probably would have gotten ‘Hs’ all the time. The little guy also likes to check my grammar but I don’t let him do that because then it doesn’t sound like me.

Anyone who has a story to tell, please jot it down and send it to The Senior Paper so that we may all enjoy your experiences. Look, if I can do it – anyone can!

I am building a private museum with family and personal items. The Happy Face Pen, along with my story, will take an honoured place in the museum as my first-ever published story in a great paper.

– Jim Ruzicka, Viking, Alta.