Being creative and helping others

From our April 2012 issue

Although I was born in Windsor, Ont., the airforce life kept me on the move. I joined to do medical work as an Airwoman in 1951. It was the most enjoyable time of my life.

I met my husband in Quebec and was talked into going out to Saskatchewan to meet his mom and dad in a town called Sheho. I was scared.

Not knowing his parents made for a very hard time until I got there. How wonderful they were and such hardworking people. For the short time I had with ‘leave’, I helped in the garden and learned what the stoneboat was all about.

I could have stayed there forever. Food was so different. City girls do not know how good tasting food could be coming from the garden.

I went back to my base and on to Newfoundland where Mike Skilnik and I were married. Before leaving there, our daughter was born and off we went on world ventures.

My husband passed away some years ago but my daughter lives in Saskatoon. I’ll be 80 this December (2012).

I make breast cancer angels and Alzheimer angels with most of the money donated to those organizations. They are $10.

They seem to go over very well. It gives hope to those who suffer. The first Alzheimer angel was presented to a person with the disease and a beautiful glow came into his face. It was priceless.

This keeps me active, my hands nimble, and my heart warm.

Take care out west. I miss the long-lost friends I made in Sheho and Foam Lake, Sk.

Back in the ‘50s I was known by the nickname ‘Bev Skilnik’.

–Mary Ellen Cooper, Kaministiquia, ON

Mary Ellen’s angels for breast cancer and Alzheimer patients.