Saturday night meant a trip to town

From our April 2012 issue

By Noreen (Shaw) Kimery – Kipling, Sask.

A mural, painted on the west wall of Balfour’s Drugstore in Kipling brought back many old memories of Saturday nights.

Work on the farm stopped early and the old round tub was put to use as all were all scrubbed and outfitted in clean clothes for the weekly shopping trip to town.

Stores remained open until 10 p.m. There were two showings of a movie – at 7:00 and a 9 p.m. repeat. Armed with a 10 or 5¢ bag of freshly popped corn, the children and their friends settled in and often sat through both showings.

Meanwhile, parents shopped for the next week’s groceries. Meat was picked up at the locker plant, while the men sought repairs for machinery or visited the pool hall for a game.

Then the visiting began, on the street, in cars, or in cafes over a cup of coffee and pie with ice cream. The stores closed and the movies ended. Another Saturday night had come and gone.