Musicians won $25 ‘fortune’!

From our April 2012 issue

By Terry Eddy – Foam Lake, Sask.

Back in 1944, I was transferred as a teller with the Royal Bank to the town of Esterhazy in southeast Saskatchewan.

I had the good fortune to join up with a young group of musicians known as the Dlouhy’s. At that time my father, Archie Eddy, was a flight sergeant with the RCAF in Yorkton. He would often hire us young guys to play for dances at the air force base.

He convinced all the airmen to vote for us on a radio show in Yorkton sponsored by the Travellers’ Association with proceeds going to the cure of tuberculosis.

In those days, many radio stations such as CKBI in Prince Albert, CHAB in Moose Jaw, and CKCK in Regina would broadcast it every Saturday night. We five musicians won $25! Can you imagine $5 apiece?! In those 1944 days, that was a fortune!

At any rate, for the past two Remembrance days, I, along with three other musicians, played at the Army & Navy Club.

We discovered a couple from Yorkton had purchased the piano from the air force in Yorkton. That’s the piano I played on many times in the sergeants’ mess.

Mrs. Harris donated the piano to the Army & Navy in Yorkton and wrote a few notes on the back of one of the pictures. Talk about bringing back memories!

I’m now 85 and don’t play as many gigs as I used to, but still try to keep the old fingers in shape. I played for the Seniors’ Concert in Regina a few years ago, and I recently had the privilege of playing for my granddaughter’s wedding in Nelson, B.C.

Terry Eddy playing the piano for Remembrance Day 2011 at the Army & Navy Club in Yorkton, Sask. The piano originally came from the Commonwealth Air Training Base at Yorkton, during WWII and was then owned by Herb Linfoot.