Mother maddened by Rabbi’s mess

From our April 2012 issue

By Georgina Clark – Victoria, B.C.

I’ve always been interested in the Bronfman family (of Seagrams fame) and I’ve read the book that was published about the family, but my interest is in a story my mother told me many years ago.

When my mother was a small child in the 1890s, she lived with her parents, Isaac and Elizabeth Rowland, in Brandon, Man. Their next door neighbours were the Ezekiel Bronfman family.

Also nearby was the Rabbi and his family who had come to Canada with the Bronfmans.

My grandparents had a milk cow that produced more milk than the Rowland family needed, so they shared with the neighbours.

When the Rabbi came for his milk, instead of turning the spigot at the bottom of the can, he removed the top lid and dipped his jug through the layer of cream at the top (there was no homogenization then).

My mother was a small kid, but she well-remembered her own mother’s annoyance at the mess of cream that dripped off of the Rabbi’s jug. She didn’t say whether the Bronfmans’ drank milk from the same cow. If they did, they were probably less messy about it.