Mild winter suited her fine

From our April 2012 issue

By Dorathea (Riecken) Little – Regina, Sask.

The winter of 2011-2012 was unbelievable in Saskatchewan for mildness and lack of snow. I dislike winter driving, so this winter suited me fine. The main roads in Regina were like summer driving except for a few icy days. Then, I stayed at home.

I always listen to “JC” give the weather forecast in the evening. First thing in the morning, I turn the TV on to the weather channel. Then I make up my mind if I go out or not. I think a lot of us seniors depend on the weather forecast to decide what our activities for the day will be.

During the war years, they weren’t allowed to give a weather forecast, thus lots were caught in blizzards that came up suddenly.

Does anyone remember Barbara Wells on CHAB radio? I don’t recall what her morning program was about, but each morning she would start out by saying, “It turned out again today,” or “It didn’t turn out today.” That was as much of a forecast as they were allowed to give.