‘It was like getting paid back for the gift we gave’

From our April 2012 issue

Hello Friends,

We have sent in the names to The Senior Paper of several friends and also ordered a gift subscription for someone.

We didn’t expect to ever win anything, so it came as quite a surprise when we received a letter in the mail stating we had won a one-year subscription to The Senior Paper through the ‘Spread the Word’ contest. It’s like getting paid back for the gift that we gave.

We have enjoyed greatly the paper for a number of years and are always waiting and looking forward to the next issue as soon as we finish with the one we just got.

We live at Worsley, Alta. in the northwest corner of the Peace River country, and really like it here. We were both born in Saskatchewan and went to the one-room prairie schools – Sarah at Renfrew near Osler and I at Longford, southeast of Swift Current.

We’ve been back for visits quite a few times over the years, so we can relate to most of the letters and stories and enjoy them very much.

We’ve had such a mild winter so far that I don’t see any reason to head for Arizona, except the icy rains have been a problem on the roads. Very little snow so far and it keeps melting. Best wishes for 2012 to everyone, staff, seniors, and writers.

– George and Sarah Janzen, Worsley, Alta.

Worsley, Alta. Welcome Sign