Her ‘prince’ helped sawing bee

From our April 2012 issue

By Annie Zamonsky – North Battleford, Sask.

In the late 1950s, people had to make their own heat for the house. This was planned a year ahead.

Dad and my three brothers went by horses and sled about two miles into the far woods to cut down tall green poplar trees and cut the limbs off. They returned home with a long load of logs in the early evening.

When there was enough for the next year, there was a sawing bee. The neighbours helped cut the long logs into short 12- to 14-inch pieces. Then all winter dad would split the wood.

When ‘my prince’ phoned to see how and what was going on our way, I told him there was a sawing bee tomorrow, and he said he’d come to help. When I told dad extra help was coming, he looked at me as if I was out of it.

The next day, my prince came on a black horse. Nobody rode this horse before. The road was blown in so that’s why he rode the horse.

Dinnertime came and I helped mother serve dinner. There was lots of food prepared for the eight men working hard in the cold outdoors. I was very nervous.

When it was all finished, about 4:30, it was too late for him to go home so he stayed overnight (in another bedroom).

That June, in 1960, we were married.