The Old Country Store

From our April 2012 issue

By Tena Ens, Warman, Sask.

Recall the old country store,
With the rough, pine board floor?
Penny candies in colourful jars,
Crackerjack and liquorice bars.

Pickles and crackers in barrels large,
Both were sampled without charge,
On a high shelf a few toys,
Delightful to the girls and boys.

Gingham and calico by the yard,
For which farmers’ wives worked hard;
Beans, potatoes and sugar, brown,
Sitting in sacks all around.

Shoes for men and women, too,
Even for children, displayed a few,
Harness, rope and binder twine,
A can of hooks and fishing line.

Pots and pans, small in number,
Outside the door, a little lumber.
From rafter hung bacon and ham,
One counter displayed honey and jam.

Oil lamps and lanterns too,
Thread, needles, and ribbon blue,
Oh, what joys in the country store,
Which was once our vital core.