‘Silver’ took off with brother on back

from our April 2012 issue

By Stella (Keyowski) Halldorson – Yorkton, Sask.

In our younger days we had many chores. One day my brother, Peter, and I went to feed 60 pigs in a large fenced-in area. They weighed about 160 pounds each. A little earlier in the day we had a few sips from our dad’s bottle.

We were carrying two five-gallon pails of chop each. Peter got over the fence and because the troughs were a ways into the hog yard, he figured he’d get a ride on one of the pigs up to the troughs. The pigs had no previous training with piggyback rides.

When Peter got on the pig’s back with the pails of chop he hollered, “Hi Ho Silver!” And ‘Silver’ took off. After quite a distance Peter fell off. The pigs all went running to where he and their supper laid.

At this point I was laughing at the rodeo show, but also worried because Peter wasn’t moving. I guess the stuff in dad’s bottle had slowed him down a bit.

Finally, he got up, none the worse for wear. He swore me to secrecy, but the cat is out of the bag now. Sorry, Peter.