Tip learned at school got her out of garden weeding

From our March 2012 issue

By Helen Bechtel – Big River, Sask.

When I was a child living on the farm, every summer my mom planted a big garden. From this garden came all the vegetables for the winter use.

It was important to keep this garden as weed free as possible so every weekend it was my job to help her with the weeding. You can be sure that weeding was not my idea of having fun.

One Friday after school, I came home filled with the knowledge of how certain critters–if placed in a garden–would keep the bugs off the plants so they’d grow healthier. So, after my bread and jam, I took a five-gallon pail and went out to pick frogs.

I picked for a few hours and got about half a pail, then I took them to the garden and dumped them in the middle. I then ran in to tell mom what a wonderful thing I had learned in school and how I had put the information to good use.

My mom was afraid of frogs so I got the weekend off from weeding!