Didn’t mean to step on any toes

From our April 2012 issue

By Yyonne (Craeyveldt) DeBruyne – Radville, Sask.

My sister, Marie Craeyveldt, was nine years old and I was eight when we lived in Ste. Amelie, Man. We both wanted to go pick hazelnuts in the bush across the road.

Mother gave us each a syrup pail and told us to stay at the outside of the bush and stay together, which we did.

We were picking away and I stepped on a bear’s paw. He was sleeping in the bush. I heard him growl.

I dropped my pail, which was half-full, and ran home, leaving my sister Marie in the bush.

I was crying when I got to the house. I told mother what had happened. She quickly went to find Marie and my pail, which was now empty.

Mother saw the place where the bear had been laying down next to my pail but it was gone. Marie was still picking away. She hadn’t heard a thing.

This didn’t stop me from going back, but I was very careful watching every step I took.