Sixties were ‘perfect years’ for family

From our March 2012 issue

By Enid Pearce Mitchell – Regina, Sask.

The 1960s were perfect years for our family of five – Allan, Wayne, Miles, Colin, and myself. The highlight of those years was our trip to Disneyland in March 1964. It was a three-week vacation in our 1960 Plymouth station wagon.

In Los Angeles we stayed with ex-Regina residents, an aunt and uncle. They had two children, Gregg and Terry – the same ages as our boys – so we had five children to take with us.

We visited Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. At the farm the children found a hungry goat who ate all their paper programs.

Winnie Wagg, a classmate of my mine at Regina College 30 years earlier had a photo taken of herself and the rose tree to send to mom—which she still had.

She posed again for me and my camera. Winnie’s home was in Buena Park near Knott’s Berry Farm.
In L.A. we visited a Mexican nightclub with our five children, and were asked if we could speak English.

Also in L.A. we ate at the first McDonald’s.

Summer vacations spent camping

In 1963 we had been vacationing in Hidden Valley Camp in Kenora, Ont., when Marilyn Monroe’s death was broadcast over the radio news. Less than a year later I had my photo taken with Edna Sawyer and Marilyn’s statue at the wax museum in L.A.

During those years we spent many of our summer vacations camping with a camper-trailer from Kenora to Vancouver Island.

We helped organize the first large Pearce Picnic on the third Sunday in July every year for about 25 years. By then the aunts and uncles thought they were too old for picnics.

We now have just our families and Bob’s for a June picnic for about 30 of us. At the first Pearce picnic, I had 105 sign my guest register for a two-day event.

The boys were active in scouts and sea cadets. Wayne spent one summer at the Cadet Camp in Comox, B.C.

In June 1967 Miles’ Grade 7 school class, with help from a good teacher, built a historic covered wagon just like our ancestors used in pioneer days.

Brora United Church had its centennial service on June 18, 1967. Since I was a teenager I’ve never missed one of Brora’s special services.

One time Miles climbed to the top of a light pole to rescue Jonnie, our kitten.

First plane ride

At times, Allan and I were invited to attend the Irish Club monthly dinner. We were able to hear the club’s favourite singer, Jimmy O’Sullivan, sing my all-time favourite song, Danny Boy.

On June 14, 1964, we went for our first plane ride, TransCanada Air Lines, for a one-hour ride over the Qu’Appelle Valley. The Gordon Gill family came with us.

In 1962 for an Argyle School class project, Wayne built a satellite.

Wayne’s satellite project in March 1962.

The 1960s were perfect years for us. We went to picnics and church events and weddings, anniversaries, and many other functions. Wayne and Miles are now deceased. Those happy years can never be repeated. The sadness lingers forever.