Salty water drove pigs ‘kind of insane’

From our March 2012 issue

By Glenn Jack – Regina, Sask.

I grew up on a farm in the Wimborne area northeast of Calgary. Some of my memories were driving a tractor at 10 years old on a binder cutting grain; driving horses at 12 years old; and mowing and raking hay.

One incident that comes to mind is the time we made homemade ice cream at Christmas and the pigs went kind of insane from the salty water. We found out later that pigs don’t need much salt and these were running around.

Another stupid thing I did was take an old Massey Harris Model 25 out of gear at the top of a hill and let it freewheel downhill. I could have ditched it but was lucky.

I remember ringing the old school bell on Fridays nights because that was the night in town for everyone when trains came from Calgary.

I am now in my 70s and remember some of the good times growing up.