What happened when the load wobbled and twisted

From our March 2012 issue

By Edna Ferguson – Victoria, B.C.

I was visiting my grandfather’s farm on threshing day. The crops had been cut and gathered into stooks that would be fed into the threshing machine, and the bin would soon be filled with wheat – the ‘farmer’s gold’.

The machinery was in place and I heard the chug, chug of the tractor and the big belt started moving. The first rack moved forward to be unloaded and a second was following.

This load looked funny because the hayrack was wobbling and twisting and suddenly the load tipped over, scattering the stooks to the ground. The horses became restless and I got scared and ran to the house.

My aunt was at the door looking horrified, but she knew what had happened and started to explain it all to me.

She said there were hard ground furrows and if you drove crosswise over them the load was sure to topple over.

I felt sorry for the inexperienced driver. He had to reload all on his own while the crew stood by giving him the heehaws.