Many life lessons learned in barn

From our March 2012 issue

By Wilf Cornelson – Maple Creek, Sask.

My wife, Jean, and I went to Arena Community Pasture in April 1961. It is located eight miles east of the village of Robsart in southwest Saskatchewan along Highway 13.

It had a large barn that was at least 30-feet high and 30-feet wide. It had been moved some years before from a mile south of Robsart where it was originally built.

In 1965 the barn had a face-lift, including a coat of paint and a light put on the north end facing the yard and the highway.

We raised our family of four and they all learned about livestock – horses, cattle kittens and even a hog or two. A lot of life’s lessons were learned and discussed in that barn!

The light on the end of the barn served as a beacon to the many travellers on Highway 13 and those caught in winter storms. The barn got its last coat of paint in 1987.

The last time I saw the barn was in the summer of 2011 and it was really run-down and in need of repair.  The barn seemed to have no further usefulness and became the victim of the wrecking crew. A great landmark is now gone.

Since the demolition of the barn, we’ve heard many comments from friends and 4-H members about the great memories and the wealth of knowledge they got during the years they went to the Arena yard and barn.

Like many things in life, it may be gone now, but it’s not forgotten!