Twenty sleigh loads of wood cut for winter

From our March 2012 issue

By Anany Holowaty – Saskatoon, Sask.

My two brothers and I grew up on our parents’ farm 16 miles southeast of Foam Lake, Sask. in the Hazel Winthorpe District.

Our house was heated with wood. In late November and early December dad, with the help of the hired man, would cut 20 sleigh loads of trees to be sawed. Sawing took place in late December 1939.

Mike Piluk was the owner of the sawing outfit. He was paid $1.75 an hour for the 5 hours of sawing. Then the blocks were split and piled for next year’s use. Manpower was neighbours helping neighbours, with no pay.

Stove oil took over years later, which was a blessing.

Sawing wood for winter in December, 1939.
After a heavy snowfall south of Grenfell, Sask., April 7, 1951.

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