Surprised to see old class photo!

From our March 2012 issue

By Florence Dewing – Spalding, Sask.

What a surprise we got in the January 2012 issue of The Senior Paper seeing the class picture of the Graytown School (below) from the years 1927-1928, submitted by Lois Argue.

Two of the pupils in the picture are Josephine Howden, fifth from the left, front row, and Thomas Howden, middle row, second from left. Josephine was my husband Vincent’s mother and Tom was his uncle.

Although we don’t know Lois Argue, Uncle Tom talked about her, as she had visited Tom and his wife, Molly, at their home in Spalding.

Vincent and I went to the Corning-Windthorst area in 2010 to find the land where his grandparents farmed.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Howden farmed a half-mile west of Graytown School, so we found the land where the school was situated.

We also visited Graytown cemetery, and met the family who farms the land now, Borden and Gladys Stonehouse. They helped us in reading an RM map and toured us around the farm.

Another one of the students, Hilda Swindells, later Hilda Swallow, was a longtime friend of Josephine’s. They kept in touch by letter for many years.

Most of the history of the Graytown School is written up in the Golden West History Book of Corning and area.

Graytown School class photo. Graytown School was located 30 miles north and four miles east of Stoughton, Sask.

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