Social club going strong after 80 years!

From our March 2012 issue

By Helga Reed – Swift Current, Sask.

One day in the summer of 1931, several farmers’ wives in the Lacadena district of west-central Saskatchewan gathered for a visit.

They must have felt it was such a treat to leave the farm for an afternoon and see their neighbours that they decided to form a club and meet one afternoon a month.

Some of the ladies travelled by horse and buggy. Money was scarce, so the membership fee was set at 25¢. That same amount is still in effect today. Since 1931, over 100 women have belonged to the club.

Today only two members live on farms in the Lacadena district. The rest are retired from farming and now make their homes in Eston, Elrose, Kyle, Swift Current, and Saskatoon.

We still manage to meet several times during the summer months and always for a Christmas party.

The club was very active for many years. Some of their projects included lunches at farm auction sales, cookie boxes at Christmas, shower gifts, hand quilting numerous quilts for ladies of Lacadena and surrounding areas.

They also took an active role in the community. Money earned was donated to several charities, as well as to local needs.

When ladies attended a tea 80 years ago, it was a special event. They came wearing their best dress, hats, and gloves.

To celebrate the club’s 80th anniversary, we held an Old-Fashioned Tea Party. Guests were encouraged to come ‘dressed up’ complete with hats and gloves.

The tea room was decorated with many items of memorabilia – dishes, utensils, pictures, quilts, etc. The tables were set with fancy handmade cloths and vases of flowers and leaves, a plate of dainties, tea biscuits, and homemade jam.

The anniversary cake was served with ice cream and chokecherry syrup.

Following lunch, a history of the club was read, and there was a skit depicting a week in the life of a farm wife from the ‘30s: Monday, wash clothes on a scrubboard, hang clothes outside; Tuesday, iron with sad irons heated on the stove; Wednesday, bake, etc., etc.

We have many good memories of this special day!

Ladies of the Lacadena club celebrate the club’s 80th year in dressed-up style.

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