Punkinhead menu/mask at Eaton’s store

From our March 2012 issue

By Sharon Middlestead – Winnipeg, Man.

I never had a Punkinhead toy, but mom took me and my sister to Eaton’s department store for a lunch around 1950 where there were Punkinhead placemats.

The menu was written on the back and you could use the placemat as a mask. It had 2 little square cutouts for the eyes and a lift-up flap for the nose.

The menu had Punkinhead ‘Feature for Little Boys’ – soup or juice, hamburger, French fries, clown ice-cream and gingerbread man, chocolate milk or milk or Coke. The cost was $1.50.

The adult menu was soup or juice, roast beef with gravy, mashed or French-fried potatoes, rolls, peas, carrots, clown ice-cream, gingerbread man, milk or Coke, all for $2.25.

I don’t remember if someone dressed as Punkinhead was there, but the menu was cute.

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