Grader Man

From our March 2012 issue

By Annie Zamonsky – North Battleford, Sask.

Was the 18th of January
And all through the night
My husband and I tossed and turned
Oh, what a night

Were we snowbound today?
Could we get out?
Or are we stranded at home.
Sitting on the couch

If it blew in the night
Our road it would plug,
And here we would sit.
Our shoulders we’d shrug.

The wee hours of the morning,
My ears they did hear
A loud grumble of a motor
And flashing lights were near

I popped up out of bed
And oh, what a sight
It’s Russell and the grader
Working through the night

Well, plow he did,
And he made my day
I can drive again,
And not home to stay

The snow it was heavy
But a breeze for him,
So nice to have a great grader man.
Bless Him.