Evening Magnificence

From our March 2012 issue

By Rebecca Carpenter – Courtenay, B.C.

The moon was slowly rising to its throne up in the sky
Casting its shimmering rays of light for every passerby
Reflecting on the water its orange glow so bright
As darkness engulfs the valley to bring the calm of night.

The fir trees silhouetted against the blue-gray sky
See the twinkling stars in Heaven sitting there on high!
A true picturesque setting that can bring a sense of peace
To bring you relaxation and make your worries cease.

We saw the glacier answer with its whiteness to the moon
But now that night was drawing near it would be gone too soon.
Town lights sparkled gaily in many different hues
Shining on the water’s edge in silver, gold, and blues.

Crickets chirping nearby as night birds flit away
Children sleeping peacefully, tired from their play
My God! To be so lucky. His magnificence to share
Could anywhere upon this earth truly quite compare?