Connected Together

From our March 2012 issue

By Kelli Smith
(Submitted by her parents Fred & Thelma Kirtzinger of Creston, B.C.)

Two little babies, born only miles apart.
Connected together right from the start.
Two families were strangers, never having met.
Still they both left the prairies, their destiny set.

Somehow both families headed to the same small town.
Hundreds of miles away, they were B.C. bound.
It was a boy from the one family and a girl from the other.
That’s what makes this story possible, and gave us our father and mother.

Who could ever doubt a union so strong.
When a ring falls from Heaven, it can’t be wrong.
It’s the reason that day, that it happened he found
a diamond ring just laying on the ground.

A blessing from Heaven, from the other side.
A perfect fit for his new bride.
No matter the troubles or worries life brings.
This couple’s been granted many wonderful things.

A home full of children, so much love in the air.
They taught them of life, compassion, and care.
There is a constant hum, a thread if you will,
that connected them then and connects them still.

Their kids have all grown, with kids of their own.
But the special couple is never alone.
Now it’s grandkids and greats.
Dog toys, hugs, and extra dinner plates.

They are more loved now than they probably know.
God thank you for each day we get to tell them so.
Right where it all started so many years ago.
They have come full circle. Who was to know?

They can now enjoy all that life has in store.
Watching Jeopardy, sunsets, and so much more.
So as they fall asleep at night may these two souls realize,
that they are wished the sweetest dreams of anyone alive.