Memories of being a farm kid

From our March 2013 issue

By Helena Chamberlain – Saskatoon, Sask.

I grew up on a farm close to Hepburn, Sask., north of Saskatoon.

Dad travelled with a team of horses. We got rides sometimes with neighbours, and sometimes mom would take the horse and buggy and take along one of us 10 kids.

My brother, Frank, passed away when he was about four years old. My sister, Annie, died at birth, so that left four boys and four girls. Now, there are three of each.

My second oldest brother passed away when he was just 65. My second oldest sister passed away in February 2011 when she was 82.

When I was a kid, I went gopher catching with a trap and our dog. He always came with me as I had quite a ways to go into the pasture.

We kids had to pull weeds out of the yard for the pigs. I gathered the eggs. When a chicken was sick, I gave it a mixture of butter, salt, and pepper. I think it did help sometimes.

In fall and spring, we went to school with a team of horses and wagon. In the winter, we went to school in a caboose with a heater in it. One of the boys was the driver.

Mom and dad eventually sold the farm and moved right into Hepburn.