Goofing off with grenades

From our March 2013 issue

By H. Les Herrington – Claresholm, Alta.

After basic training on the parade square in Camp Borden, Ont., in June-July 1951, our training platoon went on advance weapon training out on the weapon’s training area in Black Down Park, just out side Camp Borden.

Even us Service Corps types had to learn how to handle all types of weaponry, this included the hand grenades.

The day in question, my buddy said to me, “What do you think would happen if I threw short and dropped the grenade in front of that piece of plywood instead of through the cutout window hole into the pit behind the plywood?”

As all personnel were well-protected from flying shrapnel I said, “Go for it!”

WELL! He did, and that old plywood sort of disappeared in a cloud of dust and noise, then a few choice words from the NCO in the safety pit followed.

The range officer had a muster parade and a few well-chosen words of wisdom right on the spot.

Grenade practice was cancelled for the rest of that day and an extra parade square drill with full pack and rifle were the order of the day.

My good buddy wasn’t very popular with the rest of the crew after that.

He was informed that if he had any intention of a repeat the following day, he would be the projectile going through the plywood window!