The Snorers Lament

From our March 2013 issue

By Les Plomp – Dryden, Ont.

Now the story is told
of two lady friends
Who took a Fehr bus trip
For a nice time to spend,
To see some new country
And spend some of their money
But the first night on their trip,
‘Twas really not funny.

They were both dog-tired
When they lay down to bed
But the one snored so loud
As to waken the dead,
The other slept not a wink
All during the night
And when morning arrived,
She sure looked a sight.

Now sleeping is as old
As the stars in the skies
For some it comes easy
They just close their eyes,
And some they take whiskey
While others count sheep
But one thing’s for sure
We’ve all got to sleep.

Now some wear pajamas
When they crawl into bed
While some wear long nighties
With a cap on their head
Still others sleep naked
As the day they were born
With no clothes to get wrinkled,
Tangled or torn.

Now you say you hate snorers
I don’t blame you at all
For to sleep with a snorer is really no ball,
But did it ever occur
That you too might be prone
To snore like the rest
So don’t cast the first stone.