He had a strange feeling he was being watched

From our March 2013 issue

By Gordon Legge – Yorkton, Sask.

Years ago I was working down a field with a tractor and double disk. I had just gotten to the end of the field when I noticed something was wrong with the back gang of the disk.

I stopped, checked it over, and then found a bolt and some tools.

I was on my knees fixing the disk – and had been at this for some time – when I had the strangest feeling on the back of my neck that somebody or something was watching me.

I stood up and looked down the edge of the field, but there was nothing I could see, so I got back down on my knees again. However, that feeling was so strong that I stood up again.

Then I turned and looked behind me. No more than 20-feet away sat a mother coyote and her three pups. They were just sitting there – staring at me.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I lived in coyote country all my life and rarely saw them up close. I took a few steps toward her, waved my arm and said “Get out of here.”

She didn’t move.

I saw a poplar stick lying on the ground so I picked it up and threw it toward them. That brought her to life and they all bounded away.

I had to rub the back of my neck to get rid of that feeling.