Senior Paper made wonderful reunion possible

From our December 2012 issue

Dorathea (Riecken) Little – Regina, Sask.

In July of 2011, a lady on Vancouver Island, by chance read a letter I had sent in to The Senior Paper. This was a shock for her as she had heard I was killed in a car accident some years before.

Her thoughts were: “Is Dorathea still living or was this letter sent in some time back?”

Thanks to this wonderful paper and the use of a computer, she found I was still living in Regina.

This past summer she came to Regina. What a wonderful reunion we had! We hadn’t seen nor heard of each other since 1984. Back in the late ‘70s we were neighbours in Coronach, Sask.

Had it not been for The Senior Paper our getting together would never have happened. A big thanks to the editor and staff.