Would mom survive ‘octopus’ machine?

from our December 2012 issue

By Georgiday Hall – Winnipeg, Man.

My mother appeared to be a genius when it came to doing her hair. I was fascinated when observing her as a child.

The first method was using small, rectangular strips of cloth to tie small sections of her hair into what looked like a knot. When she undid them, her hair had a curl. It took a lot of patience to cut all the pieces of cloth and to tie up each section of hair.

The second method was to use curling tongs. She’d put them into the top of a coal oil lamp chimney to heat, then she’d use them to curl her hair. She had to keep heating the tongs.

The third frightened me. She went to Moose Jaw to a beauty parlour to get one of the first perms.

There was my mother sitting under what looked like an octopus – a huge machine with a bunch of cords coming out.

There was a clamp or something attached to the end of each cord. Each clamp was attached to a piece of my mother’s hair. I thought she would never survive getting a perm.