‘Useless’ dog deserved a steak!

from our December 2012 issue

By Albert Leipert – Yorkton, Sask.

We had a dog named ‘Brownie’ that was as useless as any dog could be. The cows chased him instead of the other way around.

As for a watchdog, when a car came into the yard he would go barking up a storm and run in front of the car and come rolling out the back.

When Shirley was learning to drive he ran in front of the car and thump, thump, yelp, yelp out from under the back he came. Shirley started crying, she thought she had killed him, but there he was wagging his tail.

One day I came in for dinner and Shirley with tears in her eyes said that if she could afford it she would give Brownie a steak.

“For that useless mutt?” I asked.

She told me that after our daughter, Terry, went on the school bus, she put our son, Dale, outside to play. When she looked out the kitchen window Dale wasn’t there.

She looked out the back window toward the sand pile and he wasn’t there either. So she went outside and could hear him yelling.

There he was heading for the lake but Brownie stood in his way and wouldn’t let him go any further. Someone had left the gate unlatched.

Shirley went and took Dale by the hand, patted Brownie on the head and said, “Good dog, Brownie,” but Dale said “No, Brownie’s a bad dog.”

This just goes to show that Brownie wasn’t so useless after all.


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