The Star That Led to Jesus

From our December 2012 issue

By Mary Fehr – Kelowna, B.C.

Why did the Wise men lose the star,
After they had followed it so far?
Way out in the east they saw it clear,
Why did they lose it when they drew near?

Was it perhaps they lost its sight,
For they had seen it only at night?
Was it perhaps in their search for Him,
In a palace of wealth that their eyes grew dim?
The star that had guided them over the way
Could not be seen in the sparkle of day.

Do we sometimes our directions lose,
Because we ourselves the pathway choose?
The world with its glitter and treasures so bright
That the guiding star of God’s Spirit requires a night.

We may find that when sickness and death come near,
Our eyes get washed by the bitter tear.
It’s then that God’s star will reappear
And our path to heaven again is clear.

When the Wise men went out in the night again
The star appeared over Bethlehem.
They saw it again and their joy knew no bound,
The Christ they searched for now was found.