Santa’s Secret

By O. Lillie Randa, Kelowna, B.C.

Santa had been napping
and he awoke with a start
Children would be waiting
and he must be on his way
So he looked for his pack,
which now should have been ready
But it was still empty,
which added to his dismay.

Then he looked for the elves,
and for Mrs. Santa Claus
They seemed to have vanished,
so he let out a loud yell
Which frightened Mrs. Claus,
who came running in great haste
As something had happened,
which by his voice she could tell.

“My pack isn’t ready
and where are the elves today?
I don’t want to be late,
so I must be on my way.”
“But dear Santa,” she said,
as she started to giggle
“Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve,
you have just got the wrong day.”

Though Santa felt foolish,
yet he chuckled as he shook
For all would be ready
they could soon be on their way
With a well-kept secret
about a nap Santa took
And Santa could soon leave with a fully packed sleigh.

Santa has a secret,
but Mrs. Claus won’t tell
So we cannot either,
But we can still wish him well!